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Application of copper wire drawing oil

Brief introduction of Copper drawing oil and manufacturer Xiangrun lubricating oil

1、 Brief introduction of Copper drawing oil
Copper drawing oil is a kind of auxiliary lubricating consumables used for the rolling and drawing of copper materials (bare copper wire, enameled wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and copper alloy. It belongs to metal processing fluid, also known as drawing fluid, drawing oil, drawing oil or emulsion oil.
The main functions of Copper drawing oil include lubrication, cleaning, cooling and rust prevention. The main components are surfactant, antioxidant, defoamer, antiseptic and bactericide. According to the main components, it can be divided into four types: synthetic type, semi synthetic type, emulsion type and pure oil type. The main features are as follows:
Lubrication performance: reduce the wear during processing, provide good lubrication protection for metal surface and improve product quality;
Antirust performance: add special additives to prevent copper from oxidation and discoloration, and keep the surface brightness of products;
Cleaning performance: reduce the residual substances on the surface of copper after processing, and keep the machine mold clean;
Green environmental protection: the material allocation of green environmental protection is selected to reduce the impact and harm to the environment.
2、 Brief introduction of Copper drawing oil manufacturer
Xiangrun lubricating oil is a copper drawing oil manufacturer that has been serving for copper metal processing and lubrication, such as bare copper wire, copper alloy, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, copper clad tin, tin plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating copper wire, enameled wire, etc. for many years, it has cooperated with dozens of well-known cable and wire factories in China for a long time, with business scope all over the country, and its products are very popular with users.
Xiangrun lubricating oil is mainly engaged in Copper drawing oil, copper antioxidant, environmental friendly flux, white wax oil, guide shaft oil (reverse shaft oil), stew liquid, emulsion, emulsion oil, rust proof oil, drawing oil, antioxidant and other copper processing auxiliary materials. Welcome to consult and try, contact: 16607380612.
Contact information of Copper drawing oil manufacturer
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