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Application of copper wire drawing oil

Analysis on the cause of hand injury caused by drawing oil - Xiangrun lubricating oil

1、 Desquamation due to excessive pH
The drawing oil needs a certain degree of weak alkalinity. On the one hand, it can avoid metal rust corrosion to a greater extent, neutralize the acidic substances generated by the oxidation of the effective components of the base oil; on the other hand, it can make the cleaning components in the oil play a better role in cleaning under the alkaline condition. However, the pH value of working solution for general copper processing should be kept between 8.5-9.5 as far as possible.
Part of the drawing oil factory for the emulsion, oil pool color looks good, such as the above, the use of excess cheap industrial caustic soda, resulting in the drawing oil PH is too high, more than 12, operators will cause skin rash, frothing, inflammation, itching, and will appear inflammation, even peeling phenomenon. Xiangrun Copper drawing oil uses weak alkali sodium carbonate of strong alkali weak acid salt as pH buffer, which has no adverse effect on human body.
2、 Pruritus caused by sodium nitrite
In order to save cost, some wiredrawing oil manufacturers use sodium nitrite, which is very irritating to skin. Excessive use of sodium nitrite will lead to itching and festering of contact personnel. The nitrosamines produced by sodium nitrite under certain conditions are carcinogens. The Copper drawing oil of Xiangrun lubricating oil is made of raw materials that are harmless to human body and do not contain toxic and harmful substances such as sodium nitrite.
Although Xiangrun Copper drawing oil uses environmental protection ingredients, it does not exclude the influence of other factors, such as the operator's constitution, skin allergy and other factors, which can cause short-term local itching. In this case, the operator should wash with water more often. If there is no effect, he should go to a doctor immediately and follow the doctor's advice.


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