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Application of copper wire drawing oil

Copper wire drawing oil manufacturer tells you the daily maintenance specification of wire drawing oil Xiangrun lubricating oil

In the process of using copper drawing oil, cable factory and copper material processing factory need to use and maintain the drawing oil according to the use specification recommended by the manufacturer. Good use and maintenance method can obtain better use effect and longer service life. Xiangrun lubricating oil has been engaged in wire drawing oil service all the year round. It is concluded that the use and maintenance management of wire drawing oil can be divided into two aspects:
Foreign matters are mixed into the oil pool, which pollutes the oil pool and causes the reproduction of bacteria and mould. Therefore, if there is any mixed in, please remove it in time;
Specially assigned person is responsible for maintaining the concentration, rust resistance, pH value, antibacterial ability, etc., to ensure the stability of the drawing liquid.
At the same time, the maintenance and management of drawing oil should pay special attention to the following three points: drawing oil concentration, bacterial content, salt detection and other precautions.
1、 Drawing oil concentration
Check the percentage concentration and pH value of the drawing oil every day. The stable concentration and pH value can better guarantee the stability of the necessary properties such as lubrication, rust prevention and antibacterial of the liquid.
The percentage concentration of the drawing solution is lower than the recommended concentration of the drawing solution manufacturer, and the Copper drawing oil should be added in time to have the best concentration. In the process of Copper drawing, the heat produced will make the water evaporate continuously, so it is necessary to supplement water appropriately.
When the pH value is lower than 7.0, add a certain amount of low concentration KOH solution or triethanolamine and sodium carbonate for adjustment; if the pH value is too high, add a certain amount of acetic acid and other weak acids for adjustment.
Strictly follow the recommended concentration of Copper drawing oil manufacturer, use different models of drawing oil and control the preparation concentration of drawing oil according to different wire specifications, drawing machines and molds.
2、 Bacterial content and salt detection
Regularly check the bacteria content, salt content, insoluble substances and other indicators in the drawing oil to ensure that the liquid does not deteriorate due to fungus reproduction. If the microorganism (such as bacteria, mould and algae) in the drawing oil propagates in large quantity, the unsaturated fatty acid in the effective component of the drawing oil will be decomposed by the microorganism. Once the balance of the oil is destroyed, the oil, soap and acid value will be increased, which will lead to the deterioration of the liquid. The corruptions of drawing oil are as follows:
Slight putrefaction odor occurs, the color of drawing liquid is abnormal, and the performance of pH value, rust prevention and lubrication is decreased;
Oil and water separation phenomena such as oil and soap separation occur, and accumulated foreign matters are generated to block the mold and filter screen;
The strong odor from the oil pool worsened the working environment of the operator, so the drawing oil had to be replaced.
Especially in spring and summer, the temperature is very suitable for bacterial reproduction. When the bacterial content exceeds the standard, it will lead to the deterioration and deterioration of drawing oil. A certain amount of bactericide should be added when the bacterial content exceeds the standard.
3、 Other precautions
If there is floating dirt in the oil, it should be cleaned in time to ensure the heat dissipation area of the liquid.
During the holiday shutdown period, the drawing oil shall be circulated for several hours every week, which will destroy the conditions for bacterial growth and make the drawing oil go bad and stink.


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