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Application of copper wire drawing oil

Analysis of Copper drawing oil manufacturer's failure of Copper drawing fluid and maintenance suggestions - Xiangrun lubricating oil

At present, the Copper drawing oil is widely used in the drawing process of telecommunication cable and copper processing industry to achieve high-speed and effective production. However, the wiredrawing workers of the enterprise have not received the formal training of wiredrawing oil maintenance, and can not use and maintain the wiredrawing oil correctly, which brings direct or indirect economic losses to the enterprise. In order to solve these problems, Xiangrun lubricating oil combines its rich experience in serving copper processing related enterprises for more than a few years. In this paper, Xiangrun lubricating oil customer example is used to analyze the causes of Copper drawing fluid failure and its influencing factors, and the precautions for the use of Copper drawing oil and later maintenance methods are given.
Under normal circumstances, the service life of each pool of wire drawing liquid can be up to half a year to one year, but it must be equipped with specially trained personnel to be responsible for daily maintenance (such as pH value detection, concentration measurement, and according to the actual situation, supplement the original liquid and water of wire drawing oil, reasonable range of temperature control, etc.); otherwise, if the daily maintenance is not carried out, the wire drawing liquid will It is easy to cause physical and chemical changes, so that the advantages such as cleaning, cooling, lubrication, oxidation resistance and so on are not conducive to production, and even the phenomenon of short-term failure or deterioration of latex will occur.
Now take a copper wire drawing factory with an oil pool volume of about 20m3 in Zhejiang Province as an example. We use our company's 1:20 wt-2052 copper wire drawing oil. Three barrels (180kg / barrel) of copper wire drawing oil should be added to the new oil pool for normal maintenance. About 90kg of wire drawing oil should be added every week. According to the wire drawing operator, after adding 90kg of wire drawing oil recently, there will be broken wire and insufficient lubrication in one day of use, and this phenomenon will still appear after adding three barrels of wire drawing oil.
After the after-sales engineer of the company arrived at the site, he found that there was a black colloid suspended on the surface of the oil pool, and the viscosity in the oil pool increased. Through visual inspection, the failure of Copper drawing oil can be determined. Status of Copper drawing oil in normal use:
When the drawing oil was first mixed, it was milky white after emulsification;
Half a month or so, the oil pool gradually becomes blue;
After half a year (the maintenance work is not in place) to one year (the maintenance work is in place), the oil pool gradually becomes grass green;
When the drawing oil turns dark green, it indicates that the drawing oil has failed.
When the drawing oil fails, if a good drawing oil is injected, its effective lubricating composition will react to generate acid substances, which will not only degrade the lubricating performance, but also react with copper wire, accelerating the failure of drawing oil. Only the oil pool can be cleaned and the new drawing oil and water can be completely replaced. After inquiring the director of the drawing workshop: the oil pool has not changed the new drawing oil for more than two years. Normally, no one checks the pH value and concentration of the drawing liquid, but only adds drawing oil and water based on experience.
Copper is an active metal, which can react with anions to produce water-insoluble copper soap. There will be fatty acids in the drawing oil, which react with anions to form divalent copper soap. Copper soap can not attract the active boundary lubricant (fatty acid) to reduce the lubrication of drawing oil, and copper soap can be separated from the oil and then blocked in the mold, which leads to the copper wire breaking easily, or adhere to the copper wire surface through the drawing die;
Copper ions react with unsaturated fatty acids in the drawing solution to form aliphatic polymers (dark green tar like stickiness), which are separated and floated on the surface of the oil pool;
The bacteria will proliferate and grow continuously until the oil pool is replaced for a long time.
According to the above conditions, it can be concluded that the drawing oil in the pool is completely invalid. Finally, we suggest that we clean up the old drawing oil in the pool and pour it into 3 barrels of copper wire drawing fluid and adjust it to 10m3 after water. It has been proved that after changing into new liquid, the production returns to normal, the wire drawing machine operates normally, the surface of the drawn copper wire is bright and does not oxidize, and there is no wire break in the drawing process.


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