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Application of copper wire drawing oil

Copper drawing oil manufacturer teaches you how to maintain and manage Copper drawing oil Xiangrun lubricating oil

After choosing Copper drawing oil, how to use it correctly is also a difficult problem for enterprises. There are few special persons in charge of Copper drawing oil management in the factory, but due to the limitation of professional knowledge and technical conditions, it is difficult for the operators to use or maintain the Copper drawing oil in a standardized way. The supplier can train the operators, inform them to remove the oil slick in time, check the concentration, supplement the Copper drawing oil in time or add antirust agent, pH value regulator, etc. as required.
At present, the sugar meter is widely used to test the concentration. It should be said that this method is convenient, quick and easy to master. However, the following problems should be paid attention to when using it:
① The refractive index measured by the sugar meter is only approximate, which is not a simple corresponding relationship with the concentration of Copper drawing oil. Before use, the standard working curve of Copper drawing oil should be made for comparison;
② There are many factors that affect the reading, especially after pollution, the reading is not representative;
④ Whether it is a scale type or a digital Sugar Meter (refractometer), sometimes the data repeatability is very good, sometimes it is far from each other, and it may affect the thickness, viscosity, levelness and temperature of the test solution.
In the first preparation, it is better to use mass measurement or volume measurement in order to get accurate initial concentration. Sugar meter or other methods such as conductivity meter can be used for concentration monitoring in the middle. In addition to monitoring the working fluid concentration, it is also necessary to monitor the pH value, bacterial reproduction, color and odor to maintain the good performance of the working fluid. In case of a long holiday, the circulation and flow of Copper drawing oil shall be maintained, otherwise it is easy to cause the growth of anaerobic bacteria and the blackening and stinking of working fluid, which is called "Monday smell" abroad. If the working fluid just blackened, the color and function of the working fluid can be restored after a few days by adding a proper bactericide.
When maintaining the water-based Copper drawing oil, we must pay attention to the change of water quality. Deionized water (desalted water) should be used in factories with conditions to ensure the stability of working fluid. It is reported that 8 × 10-5 ~ 1.2 × 10-4 water is the best dilution water for Copper drawing oil. The water softens excessively, the working fluid bubbles easily, and even reduces the lubrication performance. However, the calcium and magnesium ions of the water-based Copper drawing oil which has not been changed for a long time will quickly gather due to the continuous evaporation of water. The hardness of 2.5 × 10-4 water-based Copper drawing oil can reach more than 2 × 10-3 when it is used for 2 months under normal conditions.
The waste liquid of Copper drawing oil is the main pollution source of copper processing industry. From the current test situation, no matter imported or domestic, COD and BOD are mostly 104-105, which can not be discharged directly, but can only be discharged after wastewater treatment and massive dilution. When discharging, each workshop should not change liquid at the same time, but should discharge at different peak to avoid temporary overload operation of wastewater treatment system. At present, a domestic research institute is experimenting with a special formula of Copper drawing oil supplemented by filtration and centrifugation, which can be regenerated continuously. The development of zero discharge Copper drawing oil system is a promising direction


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