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Application of copper wire drawing oil

Precautions for use and maintenance of Copper drawing oil - Xiangrun lubricating oil

1、 PH value of drawing solution
(1) PH value of water for oil pool distribution
Before use, the pH value of the local water quality shall be tested with an acidimeter (or pH test paper). If the local water quality is found to be acidic, it shall be neutralized with potassium hydroxide or a small amount of sodium hydroxide to reach about pH = 7.0 before deployment. During the mixing process, start the circulating pump while adding the drawing liquid, and test the pH value of the solution after circulating for 2-4 hours according to the volume of the oil pool. Under normal circumstances, the pH value can reach 7.5-8.5.
(2) PH value of oil pool in use
Assign special personnel to be responsible for daily maintenance of pH value of detection solution, and control pH value at 7.5 ~ 8.5. When the oil pool is used for a period of time, the pH value of the drawing solution will generally decrease to a certain extent. You can add an appropriate amount of triethanolamine or NaOH aqueous solution to adjust the pH value from 7.5 to 8.5; sometimes when you adjust the pH value, it will make the pH value higher than the appropriate pH value, and you can add acetic acid to adjust it.
2、 Sump temperature
The normal operating temperature of Copper drawing oil is 36 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the following adverse consequences will be caused:
The effective components in the drawing liquid are easy to volatilize, with large loss and insufficient lubrication;
With the increase of temperature, the activity of copper ion is accelerated, and the lubrication failure is accelerated;
Copper is easily oxidized, blackened and spotted;
The oil in the emulsion and copper powder are combined to form a kind of glue, which is easy to stick to the tower wheel or block the die hole, resulting in more wire breakage and die loss.
Therefore, if the temperature is too high, a cooling tower or a heat exchanger should be installed to reduce the operating temperature of the emulsion.
3、 Different drawing oil models of copper specifications
In order to save trouble, many enterprises use the same type and concentration of wire drawing solution no matter what specification they are drawing. In fact, this is a mistake. It is not a one size fits all solution to choose wire drawing solution, but a remedy to suit the situation. As we all know, the giant, large and medium drawn copper wires have great extreme pressure, so it is necessary to increase the lubricity of emulsion and the concentration of solution, otherwise the loss of tower wheel, bearing and other equipment will increase, resulting in a series of waste of resources such as copper powder and electric power. In the same way, the polar pressure of small drawing and micro drawing is small, so it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanness of emulsion, otherwise the die hole is easy to be blocked, resulting in wire breakage. Through many years of service to copper processing industry, Xiangrun lubricant has developed several Copper drawing oils for micro drawing, small drawing, medium drawing, large drawing and rolling mill, which are used by copper processing enterprises and cable factories.
Four. Causes of bubbles
There is always a temporary foaming phenomenon in the drawing oil circulation system. The well designed drawing oil circulation system has the possibility of producing foam with deionized water. Foam may normally last for hours or even days, but it is easier to control and stable. Occasional bubbles are often caused by accidents. Causes of bubbles:
The design of drawing oil circulation system is unreasonable and the water tank is not wide enough;
Part cleaning machine cleaning agent will also lead to foam production.
Air mixed with drawing oil.
Therefore, in order to reduce the foaming of drawing oil, the following measures should be taken:
Limit agitation;
Control the overflow at the end of the pipeline;
Keep the liquid level high to avoid air entering the suction port of the pump;
The design size of the liquid tank shall be avoided to be too small, and the system size shall be appropriate;
Check the function and sealing condition of the pump;
Check the circulating system temperature;
Add defoamer properly;
Optimize the design of drawing oil circulation system.
5、 Filtration system of drawing circulation system
If there is no copper powder filtration system in the drawing oil circulation system, the copper powder and impurity particles are all suspended on the emulsion surface, resulting in the probability of shutdown due to poor cleaning, the following measures can be taken: the oil pool is divided into three pools, i.e. "filter - sedimentation - service pool", a hole of 25cm × 40cm is left between the pool and the pool, and 150 mesh stainless steel mesh is used as the interval, and a copper powder is equipped in the service pool for filtration The machine uses 80 mesh to 100 mesh non-woven filter cloth to filter copper powder, so as to achieve the best cleaning and filtering effect.


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