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Environmental friendly electronic flux formula-Xiangrun lubricating oil

The main auxiliary material of welding process is flux, and the main raw material of flux is rosin. Welding is the main process in electronic assembly, the metal surface must achieve a certain degree of cleanliness in order to better welding, so it is necessary to remove the oxide on the surface of the solder and the base metal to be welded, which is achieved by flux. Flux can prevent oxidation, reduce surface tension and improve welding performance. The performance of flux directly affects the quality of electronic products.
In recent decades, in the production of electronic products tin welding process, the general use of flux although good solderability, low cost, but high residue after welding. Halogen ion is the most common residue, which will cause the electrical insulation performance degradation and short circuit, so it is very important to clean the rosin resin flux residue on the electronic printed board. This will not only increase the cost of production, but also the main cleaning agent for cleaning rosin resin flux residues, which is the loss substance of the ozone layer, is not in line with the requirements of environmental protection. This method is not only low efficiency but also high cost. It will corrode electronic components. At high temperature, rosin has strong volatility and strong smell, which will affect the health of operators. After welding, rosin residue will be left on the printed circuit board, and it will be cleaned to increase the process, which is not conducive to market competition. However, there are still many process formulas used by companies. Some people have invented NCF cleaning free flux, but because of camphor in its components, the smell is very big when welding, there are still traces of flux after welding, flammable transportation is very difficult, and the cost is high, the price is high, and the resistance of wide application is great.
Xiangrun lubricant flux is an electronic flux. The solder joints are full, smooth, non-toxic, non irritant, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. It can prevent reoxidation during welding and has high quality. The formula is as follows for reference only:
13-33 parts of rosin;
11-19 parts citric acid;
Hydrochloric acid 8-16 parts;
2-6 parts of film-forming agent;
Antioxidant 1.5-3.5 phr;
6-14 parts of organic solvent;
Deionized water 0.5 phr.Contact information of flux manufacturer


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