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Material safety data sheet of Copper drawing oil manufacturer (MSDS) - Xiangrun lubricating oil

1、 Material and manufacturer information
Material name: Copper drawing oil
Substance No.: wt-2051 wt-2052 wt-2053 wt-2054 wt-2056
Name of manufacturer or supplier: Yuyao Xiangrun electrician
Emergency contact number: 16607380612
2、 Component identification data
Pure substance
Material name: Copper drawing oil
Same name: Copper drawing liquid copper drawing liquid copper drawing oil
Components of hazardous substances (percentage of components):
Chemical substances: mineral oil, vegetable oil, surfactant, wear-resistant agent, extreme pressure agent
Chinese name of hazardous substances
Concentration or concentration range (component percentage)
Classification and formula of hazardous substances
3、 Hazard identification data
Important hazard effect
Health hazard effect: no report
Environmental impact: no report
Physical and chemical hazards: very few long-term direct contact will cause skin allergy
Special hazard: no report
Main symptoms: skin allergy
Material hazard classification:
4、 First aid measures
First aid methods of different exposure routes:
Inhalation: move the patient to a ventilated place and see a doctor immediately
Skin contact: wash with plenty of water immediately, if skin allergy, see a doctor immediately
Eye contact: immediately flush with plenty of clear water for several minutes, and see a doctor
Ingestion: move the patient to a ventilated place and see a doctor immediately
The most important symptoms and harmful effects: nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort caused by misadministration
Protection for first aid personnel: wear antiskid shoes to prevent slipping
Tips to doctors: inform the components of the substance
5、 Fire fighting measures
Suitable for fire extinguishing agents: foam, sand, carbon dioxide, dry powder.
Possible hazards during fire fighting: discomfort due to inhalation of heavy smoke
Special fire fighting procedures: None
Special protective measures for firefighters: oxygen supply protective cover for firefighters
6、 Leakage treatment method
Personal precautions: wear protective clothing, shoes, gloves, eyes
Environmental precautions: no direct discharge without treatment
Cleaning method: cover with sand or wash with water
7、 Safe disposal and storage method
Handling: do not bump during handling, use special handling tools
Storage: store according to the classification of non dangerous goods. The storage place shall be cool and ventilated, away from fire sources and inflammables
8、 Exposure precautions
Engineering control: None
Control parameters: None
Biological indicators: None
Personal protective equipment: protective measures for wearing condoms
Respiratory protection: with protective mask
Hand protection: with protective gloves
Eye protection: with protective eyes
Skin and body protection: avoid direct contact
Sanitary measures: wash with water immediately after contact
9、 Physical and chemical properties
Material state: liquid
Color: red or brown
Odor: slightly fatty
PH value: 8.5-9.5
Boiling point / boiling range: 100
Decomposition temperature:
Flash point: 360
Test method: open and close the cup
Natural temperature: None
Explosion limit: None
Steam pressure: None
Steam density: None
Density: 0.9-1.1
Solubility: completely soluble in water
10、 Safety and reactivity
Safety: under normal operation and storage, this product is extremely stable
Possible hazardous reactions in special cases: avoid inhalation of smoke when burning
Conditions to avoid: overheating should be avoided
Substances to be avoided: avoid contact with flame or inflammables
Hazardous decomposition substances: None
11、 Toxicity data
Acute toxicity: no report
Local effect: None
Sensitivity: None
Slow or long term toxicity: None
Special effect: None
12、 Ecological data
Untreated direct discharge will cause pollution
13、 Waste disposal method
Waste disposal method: it should be negotiated with the authorities and disposed according to laws and regulations
14、 Delivery information
International Shipping Regulations: None
UN No.: None
Domestic transportation regulations: non dangerous goods transportation
Special delivery methods and precautions: None
15、 Regulatory information
Applicable laws and regulations: none at present
16、 Other information
Tabulation unit
Name: Yuyao Xiangrun electrician
Address: Xiejia road village, Ximen Town, Yuyao City
Tel: 16607380612
Title: Director of quality control department
full name:
Date of preparation:
June 1, 2016
Note: MSDS of Xiangrun lubricating oil copper wire drawing oil can be prepared by our company according to relevant rules, which is only for customers' reference.


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