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Dear friends
In order to adapt to the general trend of the Internet wave, Xiangrun lubricants can develop better in the long term, strengthen the requirements of product and brand publicity and enhance the construction of corporate culture. For this reason, the company has carried out a new version and upgrade of the website based on the principle of "simplicity, clarity, high-end and atmosphere", and is committed to providing more high-quality products and more perfect products for industry users Solution.
Xiangrun lubricating oil has been specialized in copper, copper alloy (copper-clad steel, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad tin), copper tin plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, enameled wire and other metal processing and lubrication for many years. It is mainly engaged in Copper drawing oil, copper antioxidant, environmental friendly flux, wax oil, guide shaft oil, stewing liquid and other copper processing auxiliary materials.

We look forward to your attention and support!

Official website: https://www.xiangrun.vip/
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Yuyao Xiangrun electric
May 1, 2020


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Tel: 16607380612

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