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Xiang run lubricating oil for many years, the professional services in the copper wire of copper clad steel copper clad aluminum copper tin-coat and lubrication of metal processing, the main copper wire drawing oil copper copper processing auxiliary material such as antioxidants and environmentally friendly flux xiang run copper wire drawing oil lubricating oil series products with high technical content, variety complete, suitable for all kinds of technological process, such as: drawing of rolling oil (liquid) (special emulsified oil of various types of copper continuous casting and rolling copper copper wire drawing oil antioxidants rust preventive environmental protection oil flux guide shaft, etc.


Xiang run lubricating oil customers in various cities of the country's enterprises, long-term cooperation with domestic well-known cable factory, the products are widely welcomed by users and the high praise of our mission is to be a partner of customers, actively improve the sustainability of copper wire drawing oil technology solutions, to help customers improve production efficiency, reduce the risk of cost reduction by oil actually reach to reduce the comprehensive cost management service, by improving the production process, extend the service life of copper wire drawing oil and copper wire drawing oil recycling, reduce waste emissions, to provide customers with the most suitable products.

Xiangrun lube oil is located in simen town, yuyao city, zhejiang province, in the north of ningshao plain, hangzhou bay. 329 national highway runs through the center of the town. It is about 80 kilometers away from ningbo in the east, 9 kilometers away from yuyao in the south, and 122 kilometers away from hangzhou in the west.




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